Services Available - Introduction

Support Services, Reasonable Accommodations, and Auxiliary Aids

The type and amount of support services and accommodations provided to students with disabilities shall be determined by the campus director or designee in consultation with the student seeking the accommodation, and as appropriate, with affected faculty and staff. Accommodations are intended to ensure equal or equivalent access and opportunity to all college programs and activities, whether they are curricular or co-curricular.  The intent is to provide an equivalent academic experience and learning opportunity, not to guarantee the outcome of the student's educational endeavor.

Accommodations and support services offered through the SDRC may not duplicate services or instruction available to all CSU students. For example, personal assistants, individually prescribed devices, readers for personal use, or other devices or services of a personal nature are not required under applicable law and are not provided by the SDRC.

Students in need of auxiliary aids and services and reasonable modifications or accommodations should make their requests to the Student Disability Resource Center as early as possible in order to facilitate scheduling or the acquisition of personnel, equipment, and/or other materials.

  • Services are approved each term on a course-by-course basis.


Services Available:

Accessible Classroom Furniture

Alternate Media

Assistive Technologies

Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services

Disability-Related Advising

Equipment Available for Checkout

Exam Accommodations

Note-taking Services

Priority Registration & Registration Assistance

Transportation (On-Campus)