Services Available: Transportation (On-Campus)


For those experiencing mobility limitations, even on a temporary or periodic basis, we offer a campus-wide mini van/accessible van service. Rides are provided on an as-needed basis, and are limited to currently enrolled students for on-campus transportation at pre-determined stops.

How to Sign Up for Tram Service


Faculty & Staff

  • Faculty and staff with mobility limitations who wish to use the SDRC Tram Service should first contact Human Resources for procedures.


  • The priority for services are for currently enrolled students; however, departments who may have visitors with mobility needs can contact SDRC (x4678) to determine availability to assist with your visitor's needs.

Hours of Operation

Monday through Friday, 7:45 am - 5:00 pm

Accommodations will be provided for after-hours classes on an as-needed basis.

Miscellaneous Information

For individuals who are in need of a Disabled Person Placard, this is available solely through the California State Department of Motor Vehicles:  Disabled Persons Parking Placard and License Plates

For Humboldt parking information, please contact Parking at 707-826-3773 or visit their website:  Parking Services.

Questions or concerns regarding the SDRC Tram Service, please contact SDRC at 707-826-4678. 


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