Services Available: Deaf & Hard of Hearing

The Student Disability Resource Center (SDRC) coordinates and provides interpreting and captioning services for students registered with SDRC who are deaf or hard of hearing (deaf/HH). 

Students who wish to use interpreting or captioning services must provide documentation of deafness or hearing impairment to the SDRC.  Getting Started and Registering for Services details the steps to take to register for support services with the SDRC.  After submission of the required documentation, an Accessibility Advisor will meet with you to discuss appropriate accommodations.  Information on how to request and utilize interpreting and captioning services will be provided to you during your initial intake appointment. 

Interpreting and captioning services are available for required classroom activities (e.g., lectures, labs, etc.), meetings with faculty or advisors, as well as other programs and activities sponsored by, or affiliated with, Cal Poly Humboldt.

Students who are deaf or hard of hearing have the same rights as their hearing peers, including the right to be absent from class.  However, the Student Disability Resource Center must ensure that funds expended for accommodations are being used effectively.   The SDRC has established responsibilities, procedures, and expectations for providing interpreting and captioning services to ensure that there is a balance with the need for access with the need for responsible budgetary management.

Responsibilites and Expectations:

Please reference the Deaf & Hard of Hearing Definition of Terms if you have questions about specific terms noted in the responsibiltiies and expectations section above.

Many of the above services take time to coordinate.  Requests for services for students who are deaf or hard of hearing should be made prior to the semester and as early as possible.

SDRC Contact Information:
phone:  (707) 826-4678


Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services Request Form


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