Services Available: Alternate Media

Course-related materials are available in alternate formats for eligible students. Alternate formats include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Electronic Text (e-text)
  • Large Print
  • Braille and/or Tactile Diagrams

Self-Service Conversion with the HSU Document Converter

Request E-text for current or upcoming semester

If you have files that are image-based and inaccessible, the HSU Document Converter can be used to convert the image-based document into an accessible, text-based document that will work with text-to-speech readers like Read&Write.  The HSU Document Converter is intended to complement, not replace, the alternate media services that are provided the the Student Disability Resource Center (SDRC).  If you are eligible to receive e-text from the SDRC and are having trouble with an inaccessible document, even after using the HSU Document Converter, please contact the Student Disability Resource Center for assistance.

Electronic Text (e-text) Users

If eligible for the e-text service, your SDRC Access Advisor will set you up with an e-text orientation appointment with the Assistive Technology Specialist.  During the e-text orientation, the program used to read text aloud (Read&Write) will be demonstrated.  If you are interested in using the e-text service, the process and procedures will be further explained.  If you bring your laptop to the e-text orientation, the Assistive Technology Specialist can walk you through the installation process of Read&Write (free download to students).


Downloading and Installing

Training Materials


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