Services Available: Alternate Media

Course-related materials are available in alternate formats for eligible students. Alternate formats include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Electronic Text (e-text)
  • Large Print
  • Braille and/or Tactile Diagrams

Request E-text for current or upcoming semester

Electronic Text (e-text) Users

If eligible for the e-text service, your SDRC Accessibility Advisor will refer you to the Assitive Technology Specialist who will connect with you to set up an e-text orientation appointment.  During the e-text orientation, the processes and procedures for using and requesting e-text at Humboldt will be explained, and the program used to read text aloud (Read&Write) will be demonstrated.  If you bring your laptop to the e-text orientation, the Assistive Technology Specialist can walk you through the installation process of Read&Write (free download to students).


Downloading and Installing

Training Materials


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