Student Accommodations

The Campus Disability Resource Center (CDRC) provides services, support, and resources for students with disabilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act as amended and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 current regulations to maximize educational opportunities while at Cal Poly Humboldt (Humboldt) and beyond.  CDRC strives to create an inclusive and accessible environment at Humboldt by educating the campus community on disability-related issues and working closely with students who request accommodations.

Humboldt is an integral campus that is part of the California State University system (CSU).  Humboldt adheres to CSU policy and guidance when establishing its processes.

Humboldt provides reasonable accommodations for students with qualifying disabilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act and its amendments (ADA) as well as other federal or state applicable laws and regulations. 

Humboldt enters an interactive process that identifies reasonable accommodations, or equally effective alternative accommodations, specific to the academic environment, programs and activities which may impact a student's equitable access.

Accommodations may be “interim,” meaning time-limited and situation specific, or “enduring,” meaning permanent or believed to be permanent.

Many conditions and accommodations are obvious and unquestioned.  In situations where an accommodation is requested and there are questions regarding either the existence of a qualifying disability, the need for an accommodation, or the nature of the accommodation to be provided, students are invited to schedule an information session with an Accessibility Advisor.  All academic accommodation requests must be formalized to ensure a consistent application and approach to accommodations as well as to foster equitable access and inclusiveness for the campus community.

ADA/504 Coordinator

Crystal C. Coombes (Interim)
Lower Library, Suite 5
Phone:  (707) 826-4678

Confidential Personal and Medical Information

Students entering the accommodation process may expect that information related to their involvement in the interactive process, type and extent of disability and/or condition including supporting documentation received by Humboldt, as well as their Accommodation Memorandum(s) defining reasonable accommodations will be maintained by CDRC.  Such information is deemed confidential and will only be released with the written approval of the student.

Location and Hours

Lower Library, Suite 5
Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Accessibility Advisors are available by appointment or drop-in (if available)

CDRC Offers Students Assistance with Registering to Vote

CDRC is committed to assisting you with registering to vote.  Voting Resources has information and resources. 

You may also Register to Vote Online.