Reporting Campus Accessibility Concerns

NOTE:  Submitting a Campus Accessibility Concern Form is not a request for reasonable accommodation or a formal complaint or grievance.

Cal Poly Humboldt is committed to equal access for individuals with disabilities.  Humboldt encourages students, staff, faculty, and visitors to report any barrier that prevents access to Humboldt’s facilities, activities, programs, or electronic information by using the Campus Accessibility Concern Form.  Barriers may include a broken elevator or wheelchair lift, an inaccessible website, or a blocked access ramp, for example. 

The ADA/504 Coordinator receives accessibility concerns and will act accordingly to address concerns that fall within the purview of Humboldt.  Information may be sought from the reporter to fully understand the nature of the barrier. 

Some concerns, such as those that involve Humboldt’s webpage, fall under Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and may require interface with other departments.  Humboldt works in partnership with the ATI Steering Committee in matters specific to website, learning management systems, and any web based documents.

Physical Accessibility

Accessible Technology

Become a Champion of Accessibility: If You See Something, Say Something