Appeal Accommodations Decisions

Students denied a requested accommodation may appeal the decision through on-campus informal and formal accommodation dispute resolution processes. Students, faculty, or staff should attempt to resolve disputes informally with either the party alleged to have committed the violation, and/or with the head of the department or unit in which the alleged violation occurred. There is no requirement that a complainant utilize these informal procedures before filing a formal complaint. However, experience has shown that the majority of complaints can be effectively resolved through the informal process.

Complaints based on discrimination on disabling status may be filed with the Campus Compliance Officer who is located in the Human Resources Department. Complaint procedures and complaint forms as per University Management Letter 03-01 may be obtained from the Human Resources department. Established California State University disciplinary, grievance, or other complaint procedures will serve as a mechanism for resolving formal complaints of discrimination (EM P02-01).

Additional resources may include the Campus Ombudsperson.



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