Requesting Accommodations as a Visitor to Campus

Cal Poly Humboldt welcomes visitors to campus and to campus events.  Should you have questions and need assistance in this process, please call (707) 826-4678.

Special Circumstances

PARKING: If you are visiting campus and wish to inquire about accessible parking, please contact Transportation & Parking Services.

ON-CAMPUS POINT-TO-POINT TRANSPORTATION FOR VISITORS: Visitors who have official business with the campus office should make that office aware of the need for point-to-point services.

APPLICANT/EMPLOYMENT INTERVIEW:  If you are an applicant for employment or are interviewing on campus, please contact Human Resources & Academic Personnel Services or the Hiring Committee Chair.

NON-HUMBOLDT SPONSORED EVENT:  If you are attending an event not sponsored by Humboldt (for example, a high school graduation or sporting event), please contact your event sponsor for information or accommodation.

HUMBOLDT EVENT:  If you are attending a campus-sponsored meeting, event, or other activity and wish to inquire about an accommodation need, please contact the ADA/504 Coordinator.  NOTE:  If you are visiting campus to attend a Humboldt graduation ceremony, please contact Commencement.

Accommodation Process

Visitors contacting the ADA/504 Coordinator may enter into a dialogue regarding their specific accessibility or accommodation need.  Humboldt will review requests for accommodation on a case-by-case basis; therefore, timely notification to Humboldt is essential. 

Step 1:

  • Contact the Humboldt ADA/504 Coordinator through email.
  • Specify the purpose, place, and date of the visit to campus as well as the accommodation requested. 

Step 2:

  • Humboldt will review each request and may reach out to the requestor if additional information is necessary to make an accommodation decision.
  • A determination regarding the requested accommodation will be emailed to the requestor.

Step 3:

  • The ADA/504 Coordinator or their designee will implement the accommodations.