Services Available: Note-taking Services

Note-taking services for students with disabilities may include one or more of the following:

  • LiveScribe Pen borrowed each semester.  Students who find the LiveScribe Pen useful may wish to look into purchasing their own pen.
  • Personal note-taker arranged by student. Assistance from SDRC Accessibility Advisors to arrange note-takers is available upon request.
  • Digital recorder borrowed each semester


Note-taking Tips

Note-taking tips developed by the Humboldt Learning Center:

  • Take notes on only one side of the page
  • Leave margins on all sides sufficient for additions, references, or notations
  • Identify and record all main or principle points. This will be the "meat" of the instructor's lecture and will tie all the other points together.
  • Record all secondary principle points. These are what will explain, illustrate, and/or support the main points through examples. All names, dates, formulas, numbers, technical terms, and concepts should be recorded.
  • Write in sufficient detail so that the notes have meaning without additional explanation. Include (as much as possible) the definitions of words, phrases and concepts. Record all class discussions including questions that are related to the subject.
  • Listen for key words and phrases. Underline, star, box, etc., concepts and words that by voice inflection seem to have importance. Note unfamiliar words so they can be verified later.
  • Skip lines to show separation of ideas.
  • Copy everything on the board.
  • Record all assignments, references and special notices accurately and in detail. Record due dates, room numbers, addresses, numbers of pages, book titles, etc.
  • Distinguish between opinion and fact.
  • When questions are asked, note question and answer.


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