Services Available: Exam Accommodations

Eligibility for Exam Accommodations

Students requesting exam accommodations must meet with a SDRC Accessibility Advisor to determine eligibility based upon appropriate disability documentation and SDRC completed program intake procedures. (See Getting Started and Registering for Services)

General Exam Accommodation Information

Approved exam accommodations may include the following:

  • Extended Exam Time:
    Typically this accommodation is time + one-half (x1.5) though can be up to double time (x2.0) if justified because of disability-related functional limitations
  • Noise-Reduced Environment
  • Use of Computers (with or without Assistive Technologies)
  • Assistive Technologies:
    • Software:
      Screen reading, screen magnification, text-to-speech, voice recognition
    • Hardware:
      CCTV, alternate pointing devices, alternate keyboards
  • Exam Reader/Scribe:
    A scribe and/or reader may be authorized for students with physical limitations when technology cannot be used effectively in a testing environment. Approval of a scribe and/or reader is on a case-by-case and class-by-class basis. Every effort is made to enable the student to be as independent as possible; therefore, the use of technology may be recommended instead of using a reader/scribe.

How to Request Exam Accommodations for Classroom Exams

How to Request Exam Accommodations for Standardized Exams (ELM/EPT, GWPE, GRE, etc.)


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