Excessive Absences and Temporary Suspension of Services - Deaf/HH

Interpreting or captioning services will be temporarily suspended if a student has excessive absences in any one class.   Excessive absences are defined as:  any combination of three (3) no-shows, late cancellations, or late arrivals.  After your third no-show, late cancellation, or late arrival, you will receive an email stating that your interpreting or captioning services have been temporarily suspended.  The email will detail the steps you must take in order to reinstate your services.  Reinstating interpreting or captioning services will occur after you complete the following required steps: 

  1. Schedule a meeting with an SDRC Accessibility Advisor.
  2. Attend the meeting that has been scheduled per step 1 above and discuss attendance patterns with the Accessibility Advisor.
  3. Ensure that you and the Accessibility Advisor are clear about your enrollment status and attendance intentions.
  4. A plan is developed between you and the Accessibility Advisor that will address the attendance concerns and there is confirmation and an understanding about the proper notification of future cancellations.

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