Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services: Defintion of Terms

Business Day:  A business day is defined as Monday through Friday, 8am to 4pm.  Holidays are not considered business days.  Any request for (or cancellation of) service after 4:30 pm on weekdays or on weekends and holidays will be considered as an 8:00 am request for (or cancellation of) service on the following business day.

Cancellation:  Cancelling an interpreting or captioning assignment with at least three (3) business days’ advance notice.

Excessive Absences:  Any combination of three (3) no-shows, late cancellations, or late arrivals per class.

Interpreting or Captioning Assignment:  An event (e.g., class, meeting, activity, etc.) where interpreting or captioning services have been requested and scheduled by the SDRC.

Late Arrival:  Arriving late to an interpreting or captioning assignment.   

Late Cancellation:  Providing less than three (3) business days’ notice for cancelling an interpreting or captioning assignment.

No-Show:  Failing to attend or missing an interpreting or captioning assignment without any prior notification or any form of prior communication with the SDRC. After a no-show, it is assumed that you will return to the next scheduled interpreting or captioning assignment unless you notify SDRC otherwise.

Reinstating Services: The steps that must be followed in order to resume services that have been temporarily suspended.  Once the student has followed the necessary steps for reinstating services, the SDRC will contact the service providers to resume the previously-scheduled assignments.

Temporary Suspension of Services: The process whereby the SDRC will temporarily suspend interpreting or captioning services.  Service providers will be contacted and instructed not to attend previously-scheduled interpreting or captioning assignments.

Wait Length for Late Arrival:  Interpreters will wait 15 minutes from the beginning of the stated start time of the scheduled event before leaving the class.

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