Student Records and Confidentiality

The Campus Disability Resource Center (CDRC) is committed to maintaining the privacy of student records which are considered confidential in accordance with state and federal laws and University policy. The information contained in student records is protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

The confidential records will be protected in accordance with FERPA regulations with the purpose of providing appropriate academic accommodations or adaptations of curricula. As outlined in FERPA, student records may only be accessed by authorized department staff and released if required by subpoena or court order, or in accordance with state and federal laws and university policy.

Release of Records

Information about the student may be released with the student's consent or in accordance with FERPA or other applicable legislation.

A student may request release of their record to a third party (or for their own review) by completing, signinng and submitting Student Consent: Release of Records form.

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