Services Available - Requesting Accommodations for Classroom Exams

Process for Requesting Classroom Exam Accommodations

  1. Requesting Exam Accommodation Memos
    Each semester (early in each semester) eligible students should meet with a SDRC Access Advisor to request Academic Adjustment Memos (AAM's) for each class in which accommodations are appropriate and necessary. The AAM is given to the student to complete and provide the AAM to the instructor of the class.

  2. Contacting Instructors
    Completed Academic Adjustments Memos (AAM's) should be submitted to instructors as soon as possible after completing the AAM. Visit instructors during their office hours or contact them and set up a mutually agreeable time to discuss the exam accommodations.
    Students with concerns or questions from instructors regarding approved exam accommodations or the accommodation process should contact a SDRC counselor as soon as possible.


Taking Classroom Exams at the Testing Center

Please note: The Testing Center is not the only exam accommodation site. It is acceptable for an instructor to offer and provide a reasonable site with corresponding and approved accommodations.


Scheduling Accommodated Exams (non-finals)

  • Whenever possible, accommodated exams should coincide with the regular class time for the exam. If this is not possible, the instructor must approve the proposed exam time (and submit approval to the Testing Center).

  • Regular Classroom Exams (non-finals) must be scheduled at least 7 days in advance of the test date.  The online process will not allow you to schedule exams if your request is less than 7 days prior to the exam date.

Scheduling Accommodated Exams (final exams)

  • Final exam schedules are available at the time that you register for the semester.  Your instructor may also schedule an alternative option, so please review the course syllabus for the final exam date and time. 

  • Note:  Due to the number of students who have exam accommodations and the concentration of exams within finals week, it is highly recommended that students schedule finals early in the semester.  Final Exams must be scheduled at least 14 days in advance of the test date.

Request to Schedule Accommodated Exams (Non-Finals and Finals)

Cancelling Exams

Students must notify the Testing Center 24 hours in advance to cancel test accommodation appointments. Students who have two no-shows or two incidents of failure to cancel within 24 hours will need to meet wtih a SDRC Access Advisor before scheduling additional exams at the Testing Center.

Problems During Exams

  • Arriving Late for an Exam
    Time and accommodations may be deducted or forfeited accordingly for students who are late for an exam.

  • Testing Accommodations/Site Issues
    Students encountering problems with accommodations (computer, scribe, reader, etc.) or with testing site issues should notify the Testing Center immediately. The Testing Center, in consultation with the SDRC, will attempt to resolve the issue(s).


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