SDRC Responsibilites - Deaf/HH

  • SDRC will provide high quality interpreting and captioning services to students who are deaf or hard of hearing.  Interpreting services are provided by Humboldt staff interpreters, and when demand is greater than what our staff interpreters can accommodate, third party vendors are used to provide interpreting and captioning (CART/RTC) services.
  • The SDRC will make every effort to schedule interpreting and captioning services.  The SDRC office will discuss reasonable accommodation options (i.e., note-taking) if an interpreter or captioner is unavailable.
  • SDRC will communicate with you should there be a change in interpreting or captioning services.
  • SDRC will provide your course instructors with resources allowing them allowing them to work effectively with Deaf or hard of hearing students.
  • Student and interpreter preferences will be considered when determining scheduling assignments.  Final responsibility for assignment of interpreting and captioning resources lies with the Student Disability Resource Center.

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