Janet Winston - Outstanding Faculty 2015-2016

Janet Winston
Professor, English and CRGS

SDRC is delighted to acknowledge Janet Winston for outstanding service to students with disabilities and for her work in promoting access at Humboldt State University.

Janet is an advocate for access for all students, both on a personal and institutional level. She regularly refers students to SDRC if she feels that a disability may be affecting their academic performance. Obviously these students trust and feel a rapport with Janet in that they are willing to disclose challenges and seek her advice.

Janet is flexible in figuring out appropriate accommodations needed for a student to be successful and very good about checking in with SDRC on difficult situations.

In addition, Janet has been an active member of the “Disability Access and Compliance Committee” since 2009. In that capacity she has provided input on SDRC issues from a faculty perspective and collaborated in the committee’s efforts to ensure equal access for all students.

SDRC is fortunate to have quality collaborations with faculty in an effort to remove barriers for students with disabilities. Janet is a great example of what can be accomplished when we work together to support our students.

We are grateful to Janet for her commitment to all students regardless of the barriers they face.

Thank you, Janet!


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