Thomas Mays - Outstanding Faculty 2015-2016

Thomas Mays
Professor, History

SDRC is delighted to acknowledge Thomas Mays for outstanding service to students with disabilities.

Tom has always been open and flexible about accommodating students and ensuring access to his courses. Students find him approachable and creative when they are facing difficulties or barriers, disability-related or other.

Tom was proactive and creative in assisting an SDRC student with serious and escalating health problems this year. This student had to leave the area for an extended period to receive treatment and Tom worked with SDRC to provide him access to notes and material as well as being flexible with assignments. The student eventually had to withdraw for health reasons, but when he returned to take care of some business, his first priority was to visit and thank Dr. Mays.

We are grateful to Dr. Thomas Mays for his dedication to access for all students and his exemplary service.


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