Debbie Coles - Outstanding Staff 2015-2016

Debbie Coles

SDRC is delighted to recognize Debbie Coles for outstanding service to students with disabilities.

As well as academic challenges, students with disabilities sometimes face access barriers in their housing environments. Some of the issues are complex and even fall under different laws than the rest of campus. It is not unusual for SDRC to contact Debbie with a highly unusual or unique situation. In these cases, Debbie often goes beyond what we request to come up with a creative solution. She seems to have a magical ability to produce the room or setting that a student needs!

Debbie is also an excellent communicator. Some students find their way to SDRC through Debbie when she suspects that there may be a disability component to their issues or requests. She responds promptly to our inquiries and recommendations, lets us know what she needs from us, and provides exemplary and cheerful service to students.

Debbie Coles is a tremendous resource for SDRC, a credit to Housing, and a great colleague.

Thank you, Debbie, for your efforts to facilitate access in Housing for all students, including those with disabilities. You are much appreciated and we are grateful!


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