SDRC Recognition Awards


The Student Disability Resource Center works in partnership with the campus community to ensure that students with disabilities receive reasonable accommodations in a timely manner.  We cannot successfully support students by ourselves - collaboration with the campus community is essential. 

Every year, we honor select faculty, staff, and administrators who have gone above-and-beyond in their efforts to support students with disabiltiies.  We surprise and present the awards to the awardees in their department or staff meetings so their peers and colleagues can celebrate the accomplishment. 

Thank you to the campus community for all that you do to help to support students with disabilities, and a very special, "Thank you" to all those that we have recognized in the past!  Our students could not be successful without you!    


2017 - 2018 Awardees

Stay Tuned for This Year's Awardees!

2016 - 2017 Awardees


2015 - 2016 Awardees