HSU Document Converter

Convert a File Using the HSU Document Converter

The HSU Document Converter is a self-service solution provided by SensusAccess that converts documents into a range of accessible formats.  The tool can be used by anyone with an @humboldt.edu email address and may be particularly useful for students with print disabilities; the service complements the alternate media services provided by the Student Disability Resource Center (SDRC).  The service can also be used by faculty and staff to convert otherwise inaccessible documents such as image-only PDF files, scanned images, or other instructional materials and departmental information into accessible (text-based) formats.

How it Works

The HSU Document Converter uses optical character recogntion (OCR) to convert image-based documents into text.  The quality of the conversion is dependent upon the quality of the original document.  The conversion process is not 100% accurate, and the SDRC is not responsble for any errors introduced in the conversion process.  The service is designed to produce simple and quick file conversions - its use is not recommended for poorly scanned and photo-copied documents.  See Scanned Document Comparisons document for examples of good and poor quality scans.  Faculty and staff who use this tool to convert their instructional and departmental information into an accessible format must proofread and edit the converted text to ensure that it matches the original text exactly. See Guide for Faculty and Staff to Convert Image Files to Accessible (Text-Based) Files.

Resources and Best Practices: